Are you looking for a unique keynote speaker?

Eliot Wagonheim is a highly acclaimed business lawyer with the soul of an entrepreneur and the mind of a true innovator. He brings humor, real world experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to every presentation.

Through his unique Fire, Aim…Ready platform, Eliot inspires and motivates leaders at all levels to:

Eliot speaking at Inbound 2017 in Boston, MA.

  • Shed the weight of S.O.P.
  • Overcome institutional entrenchment
  • Break through the barriers that stop so many initiatives dead in their tracks
  • Stop letting lawyers and boilerplate forms determine the fate of your business
  • Take control of their companies at every level, from the sales desk to the boardroom
  • Create an organization that star recruits would line up around the block just to ask if you’re hiring
  • Make their organization into a class of one

Eliot brings value and uncommon insights to companies of all sizes and descriptions, including financial institutions, franchises, national trade associations, and some of the most recognized organizations in the United States.