Eliot Wagonheim is a seasoned media professional easily engaging audiences on stage, radio and television with his insight and impeccable delivery as well as his columns appearing in prominent local and national publications.

Eliot has been featured on multiple television interviews, countless radio programs.

For Editors & Producers

Eliot has honed his skills as a professional speaker for close to three decades. He knows his way around a courtroom, a classroom and a stage. More importantly, he understands what you expect from a guest, how to hit his marks, and how to make his interviewer look good. Eliot provides quality content in brief, memorable fashion on a wide range of law and business topics including innovation, entrepreneurship, contracts, partnership, sales, marketing, intellectual property, management, motivation, and what it takes to succeed. He is current, informative, and engaging individually and as part of a panel.

Media Contact Information

Please let us know if Eliot can contribute to your news story, podcast, radio or television segment.

Eliot lives just above the Maryland line in Loganville, Pennsylvania with his wife, two sons, 2.75 dogs and an uncertain number of fish. He is available nationwide by arrangement, via telephone, Skype, and in studio.

To arrange Eliot’s participation, interview or contribution, please contact or call (410) 584-1110.