After almost 30 years watching great organizations thrive and poorly constructed ones crash and burn, I’ve learned one enduring truth: In order to achieve true greatness, you must start with the end in mind.

Great organizations take charge of their connections:

  • How they connect to the world
  • How they connect to their customers
  • How they connect to their people
  • How their owners connect to each other

Most leaders know that. What they don’t know is how to do it.

How can they dictate engagement on their terms
in order to fulfill what they see as their highest and best potential?

The answer lies in starting at the end. This is what I base my consulting work around and what I bring to the audiences as a speaker.

I also wrote the Fire, Aim…Ready book series to show leaders how the critical components of their organizations can be quickly and easily re-imagined in order to make their highest level of achievement a foregone conclusion.

Fire, Aim … Ready: Management shows, step-by-step how to build a culture by writing your stories first.

Fire, Aim … Ready: Contracts shows how you can build stronger relationships and sleep better at night by breaking a contract before signing it.

Fire, Aim … Ready: Partnership teaches how to create an enduring and vibrant organization that protects and nurtures each partner’s most important dreams and values.

Fire, Aim … Ready: People brings life and meaning to the cliché phrase “our people are our most valuable asset” by turning the recruiting, hiring and on-boarding experience on its head, just by learning to fire people before you hire them.

If you want to make your highest level of success a self-fulfilling prophecy, there is one key and one key only: start at the end.

Eliot is available to teach your organization or group his Fire, Aim … Ready philosophy and approach:
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